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Blue Background Never rub a spot out! This can smear the spot and may cause it to become permanent. It can also fray the fibers causing a noticeable distortion. Blotting is the proper method to remove substance without creating any further damage. Using a white terry cloth (or microfiber) towel, place onto spot and apply pressure straight down to transfer spot into the towel.   Blue Background Blottting carpet spillsA good home remedy for general spotting is to use dish soap detergent. Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon with a quart of water and apply with a spray bottle.
Blue Background In most spotting techniques blot as much up of the substance as possible using a white terry cloth (or microfiber) towel. Apply your spotting solution and allow proper dwell time. Start to blot to remove the spot and spotter. Then rinse with water and continue blotting to thoroughly rinse out anymore of the spot and most importantly the spotting solution.   Blue Background When vacuuming keep in mind that when your bag or container is half full, your losing half your suction. To help maintain your vacuum use these tips. Belts stretch out over time and won't rotate the beater bar properly. Keep the beater bar clear of debris and build up. Clean the filters after usage.
Blue Background A good home remedy for spotting urine, feces, or general beverages is to use white vinegar. Mix 1/3 white vinegar with 2/3 water in a spray bottle or bottle with a flip top and blot.   Blue Background Best maintenance that you can do for your carpet is to have a proper vacuuming schedule. Different sizes of families do require various times per week. From one per week to every other day.
Blue Background A good home remedy for spotting protein spots, milk, chocolate, vomit, or blood is to use ammonia. Mix one teaspoon of clear ammonia with half cup of water and apply with spray bottle. FYI, extract blood with cold water to prevent coagulation.   Blue Background Sometimes big spots can be too much to handle with towel blotting methods. A good extraction tool that lots of families already own is a shop-vac. Using the same spotting techniques, use the shop-vac to extract more out of the carpet faster.
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